We believe your first visit will be unlike any other visit you have had at a podiatry office. We will cover more items than you have probably ever had in other examinations. We believe you deserve this. You deserve to know exactly what’s happening in your health and what problems you might be prone to, even if you can’t feel them right now. You deserve options in how to take care of your feet. You will find our staff pleasant and full of helpful information. Our patients tell us, “I’ve never had an exam this thorough before!” Visit, MEET OUR STAFF, to learn more.

    When should you see your podiatrist and what do they treat? Good question! We get asked that all the time, so we have created a quick list of the TOP TEN REASONS TO SEE YOUR PODIATRIST.

    As you arrive at our facility, one of our assistants will give you a warm welcome and develop your chart while you relax in the reception area. Once in the exam room we will organize your complete medical history and medications, along with your problems & expectations. Dr. Pulapaka will then join the conversation. She will want to know about any past experiences and concerns you have that are relevant to your medical concerns. You can tell her anything you did or did not like about your past podiatry exams. Please have complete medical records from previous treatments or surgery – our staff can help with this process. This helps provide a safe and complete exam.

  • Dr. Pulapaka will do a detailed examination of the lower extremity skin, circulation, neurological, and the muscles & joints. She may also take digital x-rays and photos of your foot or ankle.

    Once completed, Dr. Pulapaka will review your examination with you and give you a simple summary. She may show you a particular problem in a handout, so you can see the problem and discuss it in a way that makes sense to you.

    Together you can discuss your priorities and agree on a plan. One of her assistants will be present for part of this discussion. For each treatment considered, Dr. Pulapaka will discuss its benefits. You are welcome to ask any questions and Dr. Pulapaka will give them clear answers. Also part of this discussion will be information on how to prevent or avoid long term problems.

    After you have determined a plan of action, we will provide you access to your patient portal via Patient Fusion. We will be glad to help you in coordinating the timeline and timeframe for any treatments we recommend.